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The Stronach Group is a world-class technology, entertainment and real estate development company with Thoroughbred racing and pari-mutuel wagering at the core. The Stronach Group is the holding and investment company that encompasses The Stronach Group’s 1/ST business.

1/ST is North America’s preeminent Thoroughbred racing and pari-mutuel wagering company and includes the 1/ST RACING & GAMING, 1/ST CONTENT, 1/ST TECHNOLOGY and 1/ST EXPERIENCE businesses, while advocating for and driving the 1/ST HORSE CARE mission. 1/ST represents The Stronach Group's continued movement toward redefining Thoroughbred racing and the ecosystem that drives it.

The Stronach Group’s TSG Properties is responsible for the development of the company's live, play and work communities surrounding its racing venues. The Stronach Group owns significant real estate and agricultural assets in northern Florida, Kentucky and Ontario, Canada.

The Stronach Group functions as overall investment manager providing accounting, treasury, legal, tax and other key corporate functions across the groups’ businesses and acts to provide overall leadership and governance to all portfolio companies.