1/ST Racing is proud to partner with the following Aftercare facilities dedicated to retraining and rehoming Thoroughbred racehorses.


After the Races

After the Races is a Maryland based facility committed to the rehabilitation and retraining of racehorses. They work with tracks, trainers and owners to rehome Thoroughbreds who can no longer race.

Midatlantic Horse Rescue

Midatlantic Horse Rescue rehabilitates, retrains and adopts out thoroughbreds in the Mid Atlantic area. Their organization seeks to educate the public and the industry at large about aftercare and the importance of second careers for all racing thoroughbreds.

Foxie G Foundation

Foxie G Foundation is dedicated to thoroughbred horses that require the most aid; injured racehorses and broodmares as well as horses found at auction and situations of neglect. Foxie G also offers adoption and sanctuary for cats.

Beyond the Wire

Beyond the Wire is an organization that works with 1/ST Racing, The Maryland Jockey Club, the Maryland Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association, Maryland Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association, Northview Stallion Station and Maryland jockeys to offer rehabilitation, retraining, adoption and sanctuary for the state’s thoroughbred population.


New Vocations

New Vocations is home to the largest thoroughbred adoption program in the United States with satellite facilities in Florida, Louisiana, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania that offer rehabilitation, retraining and adoption

Second Stride

Second Stride is a program in Kentucky made up of industry professionals and trainers who rehabilitate and retrain thoroughbreds from all tracks. They also take in retired broodmares.

HART Rescue

HART Rescue rehabilitates and retrains Thoroughbred horses in Florida. They partner with trainers and other industry professionals to ensure Thoroughbreds thrive in their second careers. HART also offers lessons and boarding to the public.


FL TRAC works with the Southern Florida Thoroughbred horse population to find homes for those horses who can no longer race. FL TRAC provides rehabilitation and retraining for all horses in their care.


Redwings Horse Sanctuary

Redwings Horse Sanctuary is an organization dedicated to providing sanctuary to all breeds of horses and offers community outreach and education to the public on how to assist horses in need.

Tranquility Farm

Tranquility Farm is a sanctuary in Northern California where thoroughbred racehorses live together in a herd setting.

Square Peg Foundation

Square Peg Foundation offers therapeutic riding program for children with behavioral and physical disabilities.

Hope for Horses

Hope for Horses Inc. provides all breeds of horses with retraining to become therapy or riding horses and also offers rehabilitation and sanctuary for those horses that can no longer be ridden.

Healing Arenas Inc.

Healing Arenas Inc. offers equine assisted therapy experiences for individuals suffering from trauma and provides retraining and rehoming option for thoroughbred racehorses.


GEVA rehabilitates, retrains and provides a sanctuary setting for all breeds of horses.


California is an organization that assists trainers and owners who would like to network their horses to the public for sale or adoption


Win Place Home

Win iPlace Home offers rehabilitation, retraining of Thoroughbreds and educational services to the public.

Whispering Meadows Ranch

Whispering Meadows Ranch is an organization that retrains thoroughbred racehorses and offers a therapy program for active duty military personnel and first responders.

United Pegasus Foundation

United Pegasus Foundation is one of the oldest aftercare sanctuaries in California. Founded in 1994, the sanctuary has two properties that cater to 200 horses.

Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue

Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue is a volunteer-run organization dedicated to rehabilitating and retraining Thoroughbred horses.

Sandia Creek Auxiliary Foundation

Sandia Creek Auxiliary Foundation offers a hands-on “living classroom” dedicated to teaching people about horses and the retraining process.

Fresh Start Sport Horses

Fresh Start Sport Horses retrains thoroughbred horses for high level careers in the horse show world.


CARMA is an organization that works to distribute grants and host charity fundraisers to bring about awareness for Thoroughbreds racing in California.



The Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance is a national organization made up of industry stakeholders committed to thoroughbred aftercare. The TAA is an accrediting body that has provided 24.8 million dollars to more than 82 organizations that are dedicated to the rehabilitation and retraining of thoroughbred racehorses.

Retired Racehorse Project

Started in 2012, the Retired Racehorse Project is a 501C3 program designed to increase the demand and marketability of the off-the-track thoroughbred. The RRP is internationally recognized for its $100,000 competition known as the Thoroughbred Makeover. In addition, it also publishes Off-Track Thoroughbred Magazine.

Equine Encore Foundation

Equine Encore Foundation is a facility dedicated to the rehabilitation and retraining of racing Quarter Horses and thoroughbreds in Arizona and surrounding states.

Desert Oasis

All breed sanctuary that focuses on rehabilitation and retraining. Desert Oasis is also home to an array of adoptable cats, dogs, goats and horses.


TRF is an organization that provides several programs designed to help thoroughbred racehorses excel in new careers including the TRF Second Chances program that pairs thoroughbred racehorses with incarcerated inmate caretakers.


TCA provides grants to nonprofit organizations that work to support thoroughbred horses and the people who care for them.

Old Friends Inc.

Old Friends Inc. is a farm that provides retirement to former breeding stallions and broodmares as well as geldings retiring from the racetrack.

Harmony & Hope Horse Haven Inc.

Harmony & Hope Horse Haven Inc. provides sanctuary and retirement to thoroughbred horses from all states.

Echo Canyon Equine Foundation

Echo Canyon Equine Foundation offers rehabilitation, retraining and sanctuary to all breeds of horses in Arizona and surrounding states.

Down the Stretch Ranch

Down the Stretch Ranch offers equine assisted therapy for veterans with PTSD and provides sanctuary to non-ridden equines.

After the Homestretch

After the Homestretch is an organization that rehabilitates and retrains thoroughbred racehorses in Arizona.


1/ST is committed to the care and safety of the horses who race and train at our tracks and training centers and is equally committed to a horse's care beyond their racing careers. 1/ST Aftercare Liaisons are dedicated to working with owners, trainers, and accredited aftercare organizations to assist with the safe and productive transition to second careers for horses who are no longer racing.

If a horse is found to be in an unsafe situation, 1/ST Aftercare Liaisons will alert former racing connections and work together to come up with a safe transition for that horse.

Aftercare Liaisons