The 1/ST BET app puts that ability between your thumbs with a free and user-friendly interface. You quickly jump decades over horse racing’s learning curve and put yourself on a level (or leading) playing field with experienced bettors worldwide. You’re using the exact same data as the pros; but the 1/ST BET app filters and finds it for you in the time it takes a traditional horseplayer to crack open his or her newsprint and arrive on the right page. Meanwhile, you’re off to the races, have made your selections and already have placed your bets right within the same app!

Remember: Horse racing remains one of the world’s few pari-mutuel betting opportunities. That means you’re betting against one-another, not the house. In fact, 1/ST BET WANTS YOU TO WIN. They get the same percentage off a bet whether you win or lose. Horse racing benefits when you out-wit the competition and bet more often, and that’s why 1/ST BET is a trusted horse racing handicapping and secure betting app from the company that operates legendary racetracks like Santa Anita Park, Gulfstream Park and Pimlico Race Course, home of the Triple Crown’s Preakness Stakes.

Here are the TWO SIMPLE WAYS to do it.


Simply tap “USE TOP FACTORS” within the 1/ST BET app for any race in North America, and instantly find contenders ranked top to bottom based on the top 10-most successful past factors in similar races. The 1/ST BET factors include such simple-to-understand items as the winning record of the jockey to as complex factors as pedigree ratings and how fast a horse has raced on the turns. The beauty and simplicity is that you don’t need to decide which is important; the app and history instantly determine that. Each horse in each race has been studied by the 1/ST BET algorithms to measure it against more than 250,000 past races, searching out the leading data points that have already produced success.

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If you prefer to be more pro-active in your selections, the 1/ST BET app’s power can be put in your hands. Instead of taking the top 10 factors offered by the algorithm, you can choose from the more than 50 factors and “BUILD YOUR OWN.” Perhaps it’s raining, and you want to pick the horse with the best performances on a wet track? 1/ST BET has a factor for that. Or, maybe you’ve watched the last 3 races won by the early leader, and want to figure out who will break fastest from the gate in the next race? 1/ST BET has a factor for that, too. As your comfort level grows with horse racing, your ability to choose factors successfully can be an empowering experience.

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1. Horses racing near the front of the pack early in the race win about two-thirds of all American races on dirt. Lean on the 1/ST BET app’s PERFORMANCE factors that measure a horse’s speed at various points of the race. It’s still most often about the old saying, ‘My horse is faster than your horse!’

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2. Jockeys and trainers compete in several races every day while horses generally race every 4-8 weeks. The JOCKEY+TRAINER factors in the 1/ST BET app can help you quickly familiarize with the most successful, and most prevalent, human ‘connections’ in each race.

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3. Factors in the RESULTS category measure contenders based on their previous race finishes and strength of schedule. As NFL Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells, an avid racehorse owner, famously said about his teams and players, ‘You are what your record says you are.’


With the 1/ST BET app, you can put short-sighted decisions and indecision in the rear-view mirror. Instead of making betting decisions on a single idea – like a favorite jockey or a favorable starting (post) position – let the 1/ST BET app create more-rounded decisions … and put the proper weight on each factor.

You no longer need a lovable Uncle to teach you horse racing for 20 years and obsess over all the ins, outs and expensive minutia. Your digital mentor, the 1/ST BET app, can make up for lost time and put you on the free and fast track to success.


Must be 18 or older (21 in AL, AZ, IA, IN, KS, NH, ND, WA) to open an account with 1/ST and reside in a state where such activity is legal. Void where prohibited. National Problem Gambling Support Line 800.522.4700.