1/ST BET - The Easy & Smart Way to Bet the Races


What is 1/ST BET, and what does it have to do with Xpressbet?

1/ST BET is horse racing’s newest handicapping tool and bet pad. It was created by 1/ST, the same company that owns and operates Xpressbet, BETMIX. With 1/ST BET you can handicap, watch and bet races from all of North America’s top thoroughbred tracks, including Gulfstream Park, Santa Anita Park, Del Mar, Keeneland, Churchill Downs, Saratoga, Belmont and Pimlico. If you already have a 1/ST account by way of betting with Xpressbet, you can use that same Username and Password to access 1/ST BET.

1/ST BET, an Xpressbet Experience

About the 1/ST BET app

Is 1/ST BET legal?

1/ST BET is a 1/ST product and is affiliated with Xpressbet, LLC.  Xpressbet and 1/ST BET are legal, US-based, Advanced Deposit Wagering services, licensed and regulated in many states. Money wagered through the products is commingled with track wagering pools. All wagers are safe and secure.


How much does it cost to sign up?

There are no fees to enjoy the 1/ST BET app:

  • No sign up fee
  • No fee for certain types of deposits (some deposit types do require a nominal fee)
  • No withdrawal fees
  • No per-wager fees
  • No membership or usage fees
  • No fees for watching video or replays

What are the advantages of 1/ST BET?

Being a 1/ST BET customer has plenty of advantages!

  • Quick & easy to sign up
  • FREE personalized handicapping tools to help you handicap
  • Access to ‘Top Stats’ tool to quickly and easily identify the likeliest winners
  • Watch live races from all tracks
  • Watch race replays and access past results
  • Secure and seamless funding and withdrawals
  • No membership, monthly, or per-wager fees.
  • Winnings are automatically credited to your account immediately following each race.
  • Safe and secure wagering with full track-odds payouts.
  • Legal, licensed and based in the United States.

How is 1/ST BET different than Xpressbet Mobile?

We’ve added an integrated handicapping tool and designed a more modern, streamlined betting interface. You will also find a single view of your bets, so there is no off-page navigation necessary.

How do I log in to the 1/ST BET app?

iPhone users can simply download the 1/ST BET app from the App Store. Android users can access it via browser at www.1stbet.com (we will prompt you to save the app to your phone’s homepage).

After you’ve downloaded the app, complete our quick and secure registration to verify you are eligible to bet in your home State.

If you are an Xpressbet customer, you can sign-in with your existing username and password.

If you have forgotten your username and/or password, click on the 'Forgot' links right below the login box.

If you are having trouble signing-up, please call us at 866.889.7737 daily between 10:30AM and 11:00PM ET.

What are the requirements to sign up?

Individuals must be at least 18 years of age (21 years of age in Alabama, Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Washington). State racing commission regulations require 1/ST BET to ask for your Social Security Number and to verify your state of residence.

Please review our State Restrictions list to see if wagering is available in your state.


How do I know transactions are secure?

1/ST BET is a 1/ST product and since 2002, 1/ST has owned and operated Xpressbet, the premier name in online, mobile and phone horse wagering in the United States.  Xpressbet and 1/ST BET are legal, US-based and licensed in every jurisdiction we serve. We guarantee timely payouts and technological reliability. Our customers’ funds are insured by the Oregon Racing Commission, which holds deposits in a protected account independent from Xpressbet’s operating capital. In addition, we have security safeguards built into our systems to protect all transactions. Furthermore, we protect your privacy by asking only for the personal information necessary to verify your identity.

How do I know my money is secure?

As required by the terms of our license with the Oregon Racing Commission, 1/ST BET and Xpressbet have ensured that account holder funds are properly held and maintained in a custody account at an FDIC-insured bank . These funds are not used for any purpose except to facilitate the wagering activities, and other instructions or agreements of account holders. Funds in the custody account shall remain the property of the account holders for all purposes, until wagered by the account holder or otherwise withdrawn or used in accordance with the account holder's instruction or agreement.


Can I wager immediately?

Once you deposit money into your account you can begin wagering with 1/ST BET. Select the 'Add Funds' option within the Menu (top left corner of the screen) to add funds to your account using various payment options, including Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Paypal, and Cash at funding centers at 1/ST tracks.

What types of wagers are available?

1/ST BET offers most of the wagers available at the track — including exotic wagers such as trifecta, superfecta, pick 3, pick 4, pick 5 and pick 6. Money wagered through 1/ST BET is commingled with existing racetrack pools.

What type of wager information do you offer?

Once you deposit money into your account you can begin wagering with 1/ST BET. Select the 'Add Funds' option within the Menu (top left corner of the screen) to add funds to your account using various payment options, including Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Paypal, and Cash at Xpressbet funding centers at Stronach Group tracks. Other funding methods are also available through Xpressbet.com.

1/ST BET provides all you need to play the races — program information, scratches and changes, live odds and personalized handicapping tools to help you place more informed bets.

Try our ‘Top Stats’ quick pick tool that selects the most likely winners for you according to our statistics, or try your hand at building your own probabilities.  

1/ST BET utilizes an extensive statistical library, advanced algorithms and hundreds of data points to help you identify horses ready to win. Once you’ve selected your stats, 1/ST BET tells you how likely each horse in the race is to Win, Place or Show based on the factors chosen.

Can I bet the exotics using the 1/ST Bet app?

Yes, you may continue to bet exotics through 1/ST BET. Many exotic bet options are available. Let us know if we are missing one of your favorites.

What tracks are available for wagering?

1/ST BET offers an extensive menu of Thoroughbred races and tracks including Gulfstream Park, Santa Anita Park, Belmont Park, Pimlico, Churchill Downs, Keeneland, Woodbine, Saratoga, Del Mar, Aqueduct, Golden Gate Fields, the Meadowlands and Tampa Bay Downs.

Visit State Restrictions to review a list of limitations by state.

managing Funds

How do I deposit money into my account?

Select the 'Add Funds' option within the Menu (top left corner of the screen) to add funds to your account using various payment options, including Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Paypal, and Cash at funding centers at 1/ST tracks.

I’m an Xpressbet customer, how do I access my wagering funds?

Once you login to the 1/ST BET app, your wagering balance will automatically populate. You have a single account with us. You can access your account via Xpressbet.com, the Xpressbet app and the 1/ST BET app - it's all the same.

I won my last bet but the winnings are not showing in my account. What should I do?

Congratulations! Funds will show when the race goes ‘Official’, which means that the judges at the track have signed off on the race. You will see the race go from Live to Official, and this is when the winnings will show in your account.

If they do not appear after the race shows Official, contact us via our in-app chat for assistance.

Is my money secure in two different products?

Xpressbet ensures that your account funds in the 1/ST BET app are properly held and maintained as per the terms of service. Your money is safeguarded in the same fashion that Xpressbet safeguards your funds now.

1/ST BET & Xpressbet

Can I switch back to the Xpressbet app?
What happens to my bets if I do?

You may use both apps concurrently if you wish. Your account, its funds and wagers are the same once you login. Please note that wagers placed via the Xpressbet app are not currently displayed in the 1/ST BET app. This is something we are correcting and will be fixed soon.

Will I earn XB Rewards when I place wagers through 1/ST BET?

Yes, wagers placed through 1/ST BET will earn XB Rewards.

I would like to give some feedback.
How should I go about doing that?

We love feedback! Feel free to connect with us via the in-app feedback form or through 1/ST BET Feedback.

I have more questions regarding 1/ST BET. How should I can I get in touch with you?

Feel free to reach out anytime using our in-app chat (select the ‘Support’ option on the Menu at the top left corner of the screen). Our agents are ready to address any questions you may have. You may also call us daily between 10:30AM ET – 11:00PM ET at 866.889.7737.